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The Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association

 S.O.H.D.A  Highland and National Exams

The SOHDA regularly hold dancing examinations throughout Scotland. Starting from the most basic exams for the younger dancers, progressing in difficulty through the grades all the way up to and including The Teachers examination.

S.O.H.D.A  Examination Grades

Bronze & Grade 1
Silver & Grade 2
Bronze Star
Silver Star
Gold Star
Associate Teachers

Our younger male and female members can enter the basic Pre-Primary, Primary, Various Grades, Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc., exams these are usually for dancers up to 12 years of age.

The Star Award exams -  

These include more on the theoretical side of Highland Dancing as opposed to actual dancing for dancers of approximately 13 to 16 years of age.

The Associate Teachers exam -

For dancers 16 to 20 years of age which allows successful candidates to initiate a dancing class and after further training  can adjudicate at indoor competitions, though not Championships.

The Full Teachers exam -

On attaining the age of 21, the dancer can sit the Full Teachers exam, which also puts the successful candidates name after further training on all of the various adjudicating panels for Competitions such as Championships, Highland Games and Examination Boards.  Full encouragement and assistance, will be provided for all exam entrants.

Once a dancer has sat and passed most of these examinations then he or she can truthfully say they are very experienced in all the practical, technical and theoretical aspects of Highland and National Dancing.

Other Highland Dancing Organisations and Bodies -

If you are currently sitting or have sat exams with another dancing body, then there will be no problem in transferring your equivalent level of exam over to the appropriate SOHDA exam. The SOHDA fully encourage our teenage dancers towards eventual teacher status and will help greatly in achieving this aim. So why not contact our National Examining Convener today for a syllabus giving full details of our Highland and National examinations!

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