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Welcome to the
S . O . H . D . A

Scotland's oldest
specialist association
of its kind.

Keeping all of
Tradtional Highland
and National
Dances Alive.

Our Association
Promotes and Teaches
All of the Highland
and National dances
as well as all of the
alternative steps
within the dances.

The S.O.H.D.A
where all dancers
are welcome.

Kristin Gardiner 6 times Scottish Open Highland Champion

The Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association

 Highland and National Competition Dancing Outfits
Sorry limited information as this page is Still Under Construction

Pictured above Ladies and Girls "Highland" dancing outfits

Over the years highland dancing outfits have become more stylised with two styles of outfits now used in competition waist coat and jacket outfits.

A multitude of tartans and coloured velvets are now available to the dancers with the braid edging the jackets and waist coats along with the buttons available in silver or gold. Highland Hose / Socks are made to order to match the tartan of the dancers Kilts

Pictured below Gents and Boy's "Highland" dancing outfits

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