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The Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association

Scottish Official Highland Dancing Resources Page

In order to help new and established dance schools the S.O.H.D.A have a range of resources to aid our members,dancers and teachers.

Visit our new online shop and view some of the stock available at competitions.

At present goods can not be purchased online but orders can be placed for uplift at competitions.

2008 S.O.H.D.A Rule Book

S.O.H.D.A  Constitution and  Rules Book updated and improved for 2008.

The new edition is available to buy now.

£1.50 ea.

"Order your copy today"

Free Website Design

Any dance school who are SOHDA members may apply for one of our websites. Designed and coded for your dance schools town, city, area so that search engines will find your dance school first for more information on this new service please contact the S.O.H.D.A or the webmaster in the contact us section .

Designs will include pages such as Home page, contact us class times and venues, Forum.

Dance schools will need to supply or purchase a web address and hosting package. Help and information can also be given in making arrangements for a web address and hosting package. Some website hosts provide a free www.     .co.uk web address with their packages as well as a free email address based on your website address.

A free forum will also be set up for each website to keep your dancers up to date with any information they may need (class time changes venue changes etc).

If your wondering how your website could look well you have the SOHDA website for starters or take a look at some of the websites already built for SOHDA dance schools.

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